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Civil Rights

Committed to Fighting for Your Civil Rights

Consider legal representation from Gianni Floro, the attorney who will properly advise you on civil rights issues like racial profiling, unlawful searches and seizures, excessive force, and police brutality claims.

Attorney Floro has represented numerous clients in federal court in order to protect their civil rights. He has obtained judgments against municipalities, individual officers, and government officials who have violated his client's civil rights.

Attorney Floro has also represented police officers for their claims against municipalities. His office is dedicated to providing proper counsel to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

Personalized Attention

Benefit from friendly, professional, reliable and knowledgeable care for your civil rights case. As a trial attorney, he is the best fit to represent you in the courtroom. Attorney Floro wants to be your choice of attorney for life!
Police brutality

Comprehensive Care For

  • Excessive force
  • Police brutality
  • Unlawful tasering
  • Sexual assault
  • Use of deadly force
  • Unprovoked shooting
  • Undue harassment
  • Unlawful detainment
  • Wrongful termination

Professional Representation in Western PA

With over 15 years' experience, Attorney Floro has the knowledge you need to win your case. As a member of the PA Association for Justice, he is your ideal lawyer in Western Pennsylvania. Request a complimentary consultation today.

Employment Practices

Attorney Floro represents people who have suffered from unlawful employment practices. Attorney Floro will protect your rights if you have been discriminated against based upon your age, race, color, ethnicity, or gender. Call us today!
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Qualifications you need for your civil rights case. 

Accept sound legal advice from Attorney Gianni Floro. 

Attorney Floro will secure a money recovery for your injuries and damage. 

Attorney Floro protects businesses when the government violates their rights.
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